The 5 biggest benefits of using Microsoft azure

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Since launching back in 2010, The Microsoft Azure platform has developed into one of the worlds most popular public and private cloud options for businesses. With a predicted worth of over £1.5 billion, Azure’s positive impact as a Platform-As-a-Service (PaaS) and a Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) enables it to keep its leadership status within the Cloud world. If your interested in Azure and don’t know where to start, here is the right place as we’d like to share with you, The 5 biggest benefits of using Microsoft Azure!

1)    Its true what Microsoft say, Azure can be deployed almost everywhere and anywhere! With the option of Azure stack, businesses now have the ability to create a hybrid option which is a big preference for many cloud users, especially when there is a need for an on premise requirement. It’s also a very simple transition when it comes to moving from a hybrid solution to full cloud option, or vice versa.

2)    Azure’s Integration option with other Microsfot tools to be able to enhance your cloud option is second to none. Common Microft Applications such as Outlook, Sharepoint and Office 365 can easily be moved over to work with the cloud for a much better experience. Azure also lets you use the same virtual machines that are in Azure and on-premise which makes the process and usability a whole lot easier.

3)    When using the Cloud, whether it be public or private, it’s key to all businesses needs that it’s quick! The speed of a Cloud offering  can often a defining factor and is one of the reason why Azure is so popular today. There are not many Cloud providers that match the speed which Azure runs at across the board both within deployment and when working within Azure or possess the sheer scaleabilty that Azure has.

4)    Due to Microsofts great reputation in being a pioneering public Cloud provider, Azure is one of, if not the most reliable and credible solutions avalible on the market. Today, Azure is used by some of biggest firms around the world including Ebay, Pixar, Aston Martin and NBC to name a few. With a long list of businesses with a high pedigree using Azure, reliabilty is essential, which is why Microsoft is happy to show off its almost 100% availability and 24/7 monitoring and Support.

5)    Finally, Azure is known for its brilliant Disaster Recovery capability within the Cloud, with multiple fail-over options and reboot stages to help keep your data safe.

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