Adopting the Cloud in the Public Sector

Recent research has shown that rates of adopting of the Cloud within the public sector has shot up considerably over the last year. The host of benefits the Cloud now offers to business in the public sector makes it a “no brainer” for IT teams to introduce it. Here at Venture 1, public sector Cloud work is something we’ve often been engaged with over the last year, so we wanted to be able to share our findings and experiences we’ve had.

Last year, we we’re surprised to hear that more than a 3rd of all public sector organisations had no solid plans to adopt a cloud-based technology. We established that a lot of public sector bodies weren’t keen on the idea of migrating to the Cloud due to the long standing challenges and constraints that would come with such a move. This is why it’s so so important to have a proper plan and fully document how you’re going to achieve this. It has happened time and time again that businesses dive in straight away with the idea of moving to the Cloud and not actually having a clue how to do it, thus ending up overspending and wasting money on something they have no idea about, let alone how it works.

Another concern public sector organisations find when looking at adopting the Cloud is the complexity of a cloud migration and moving large amounts of data from one platform to another. It is always crucial to keep a consistent back up during the transition stage of a Cloud migration. This enables you to be able to test and implement the move and not worry about the possibility of something going wrong within a migration. As mentioned in last week’s blog (Click here to read) there are many different Cloud options and providers to choose from which is why it’s a must to align your business needs with the Cloud option you choose. We’ve seen examples before where the wrong Cloud option has been used in an inappropriate scenario and has cost the business a lot more money than it should have as the whole deployment process had to be repeated all over again to fit correctly with the business.

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