4 things you'll want to avoid when migrating to the Cloud

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When migrating to the Cloud, costly mistakes are something you’ll definitely want to avoid! Without a clear cut Cloud strategy, common mistakes are often made which is why you need to be confident and well prepared when taking up the task. Mistakes are all too common with Cloud migrations, which is why we have put together our top four things to avoid when migrating to the Cloud.

No defined Strategy

There are many benefits to a business for migrating to the Cloud, but not necessarily for all businesses. For many, the Cloud offers a reduced cost for safe storage but it’s not for everyone. It’s essential to have a defined plan which includes the reason for migrating to the Cloud. This will help you base your migration on sound business principles and you’ll be able to work out and understand if it’s right for you. There have been many instances where businesses just haven’t done this properly and have ended up spending a lot of money on a Cloud solution and not really known why.

Inconsistent security policies

Security policies are often forgotten about or remain out of date when a business decides to migrate to the Cloud. Security policies must be updated and reviewed on a regular basis with a multi-level policy structure, especially when migrating to the Cloud. New policies are also likely to be needed for example; who will and won’t have access to the movement of items in and out of the Cloud? If security policies aren’t updated, this can lead to a business being vulnerable to unwanted access from users of your Cloud space. 

Knowing the differences between Cloud platforms

The Cloud has many unique and exclusive features whether it be a private, pubic or hybrid solution. All options bring their own benefits and challenges which is why it’s important to know which Cloud provider is right for your business. Choosing the wrong Cloud provider can end up causing unwanted costs, a decrease in business functionality and other undesirable consequences. Other different options that you may want to consider are:

-          Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

-          Platform as a service (PaaS)

-          Software as a service (SaaS) 

Migrating apps to the Cloud

Not all applications are compatible or need to be migrated to the Cloud. Before migrating, it’s important for a business to determine which apps are best suited to the Cloud and which should stay in a physical environment. Applications can sometimes have an unexpected impact on how security services and policies work within the Cloud. The common mistake businesses make here is migrating everything to the Cloud and finding these problems later on down the line. Make sure you do your research and check your applications!


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