Where does AI go next?

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It’s clear to see that AI in 2017 took a massive leap. But like all popular technology, Innovation and evolution needs to follow to fit the very best needs for the user. Something we’ve recently been asking ourselves in the office, is where does AI go next?


AI is now looking to move into a transition era. Since 2012, AI has shown how it can alight and change technology, but what it now is starting focus on now is how it can go on and change the business world for the better. Revolutionary applications such as Amazon and Facebook are thriving within the AI technology world with the use of new AI tools by beating their main competitors with new and exciting products with the use of AI.


To find out more in the direction AI is heading, Tech Crunch Contributor Tom Rikert explains the 4 ingredients of Proprietary Data, Team Domain Expertise, Workflow position and the Degrees of Customer Value in a brilliant AI article.


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