Microsoft set to launch Azure automation into UK data centres

After launching data centres in the UK towards the end of last year, Microsoft has recently told its  UK data centre customers know that they will be able to use Azure automation very soon.

Microsoft has said that Azure Automation will save time and increase the reliability of administration tasks that have to be conducted by businesses, such as checking whether they have exceeded the size of their online database, or overseeing security measures. This is great news for many organisations using these data centres, such as the Ministry of Defence, the Met Police and some parts of the NHS. This is just one of many new features unveiled by Microsoft for its UK data centres, following with last month’s launch of  the Azure ExpressRoute and PSN/N3 Connectivity feature, which allows customers to use private connections.

This is a big year for changes within Microsoft’s ever-expanding data centres, so to keep up to date with all the changes happening, follow us on  social media and check our website for the latest news.

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