CES 2017: Our top picks!

After 4 days showcasing some of the most amazing, futuristic and crazy technology, CES has finally come to an end for 2017. This year was the biggest show ever and celebrated CES’s 50th anniversary, with over 170,000 people in attendance over the four days. To mark this occasion the team at Venture 1 have put together their top picks from this year’s innovative show!


Honda were one of the biggest names to make the headlines at this year show. Alongside Honda’s NeuV vision concept car, Honda also debuted its moto riding assist technology. Using its  robotics technology, Honda has developed a self-balancing motorcycle which reduces the possibility of falling over when the bike is at rest. The bike was only shown moving at speeds of 3mph, but never the less, this is definitely a technology to look out for in the not so too distant future!


Even though Amazon did not exhibit at CES, it did not stop Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa from making an appearance. Over the last 12months, Alexa has been making the headlines for all sorts of good reasons within the technology world, and that was the same at CES. Since Alexa’s technology was opened to third-party developers, over 7,000 applications have been created, including at LG by integrating Alexa into their new Smart Interview refrigerator. Yes, you heard correctly, a Smart Fridge…!


LG also released one of the biggest surprises over the long weekend with what they were calling the ‘W television’. With the W standing for Wallpaper, LG’s latest TV comes in at just 2.57mm thin, with the use of OLED technology. The Wallpaper TV is said to come in model sizes 65 inch or 77 inch and 25% brighter than last year’s signature edition OLED TV. A release date and price tag is still yet to be known.


Technology shouldn’t only be for adults? Well that’s what Lego are saying after launching The Boost platform, a robotics and programming system aimed at 7 year old's. The kit comes with 5 separate projects for creating cool and creative robots with the use of a battery powered core system and colour and motion sensors. Lego has said that the new kids kit is set to be released in August 2017.