TOP5: Gadgets we can't help but take on holiday

With the Summer Holiday season at a close, schools are now open and email boxes reluctantly waiting to be opened. Venture 1 want to revive the great memories you may have over the last couple of months by going through our TOP 5 “must have” gadgets to take on holiday. Let us know if you agree with our list or if there’s any you would change in the comments section below.


1. Headphones

There’s nothing better than noise cancelling headphones to help you have a calm and relaxing journey to your holiday destination. Whether you’re in the air or cruising the roads, there are so many different headphones at different price ranges to meet your needs. We think that listening to your favourite music is the best way to get yourself into that holiday feeling!


2. Portable charger

The Portable charger market is now massive with an estimated worth of over $7 Billion. Like most of us today, you’re probably finding that you always needing to charge your devices when out and about, especially whilst on holiday. Prices are very good, with quality chargers costing as little as £15, making them a popular holiday must.


3. E-reader

If you look down the rows of sunbeds round the pool or at the beach, you’re bound to see an E-Reader. Since 2007, when Amazon released the Kindle, the E-reader has taken the world by storm, being a practical electronic reading device, with almost every book retailer now releasing all their books as eBooks as well as hard covers.


4. Mobile Phone

Is there anywhere we can go these days without a mobile phone? Probably not. We may be going away to try and get away from everything, but we all know we can’t help but end up bringing everything with us, via our phone. Contract providers also now offer great deals when abroad, so you’re never too far away from the people back home.


5. Action Camera

There’s always time for a photo or even an embarrassing video which is why an action camera is perfect to capture those magical holiday moments. They may be small in size but sure are big in capability. Most action cams on the market today can withstand anything and still be ready as ever next time you want to use it!