Feedback Hub is officially released on Windows 10

Microsoft recently have updated their operating system Windows 10 so that problems can be reported much more easily, as well as being able to make suggestions to Microsoft. This concept is being run via a new app created by Microsoft called the “Feedback Hub”. The app also allows you to attach screenshots and images to help support any feedback. A trending feature has also been included so that users can see if others are having the same issue or issues. You may be thinking, “this doesn't seem like a new app?” which is partly correct. Feedback Hub has been around sometime, but this is the first time that both the desktop and mobile app versions have been available for all of Windows 10 in the Windows store, and not just in preview builds. To find out more, below is a link to the full article about the feedback hub, as well as other news on the latest Windows 10 update. 


Windows 10 update