Azure Stack - Work in Progress?

Azure Stack has been on the cards at Microsoft for some time now but has never truly been spoken about, until now. Azure Stack is effectively Microsoft’s idea of bringing the Cloud into an organizations’ own datacentre’s, making it much more customizable and able to fit all business needs and plans. Both Microsoft Server Hyper-V and Windows are used to run Stack, making use of Microsoft’s networking and storage capabilities. At present, Azure Stack at the moment is on a public preview basis, with no confirmed release date for when Microsoft might want to roll out this exciting new product.

You’re probably thinking, why would you want to run the public cloud in your data centre when the whole idea of the cloud is to run it outside of the business? Well Microsoft have been developing their cloud systems to be used for more than just outsourcing. To find out more about Azure Stack and how it has been progressing through its’ public preview, Rand Morimoto has written a great article which can be found in the link below. Finally, if you would like see and download the public preview for yourself, you can also find the link to Microsoft’s page below as well.


Truly understanding Microsoft Azure Stack:


Azure Stack Technical Preview: