What does the future hold for Cortana?


At a recent Microsoft event, Microsoft released details of what the near future could look like for Microsoft Cortana. The virtual assistant that can be found within Windows 10 and Xbox One is usually known for basic and common commands such as; “Launch Mozilla Firefox’ or, ‘What will the weather be like in two days?’; but 2 years after its initial release, Cortana is about to have a massive makeover.

Microsoft has announced that it has plans to be able to use Cortana within household products such as refrigerators, toasters and thermostats! Microsoft says that these items should easily be able to run Cortana with the use of a screen running a Windows 10 IOT Core. This revolutionary new update is part of the upcoming ‘Creators Update’; the next major release of Windows 10 which will also include updates to Microsofts’ long established application ‘Paint’.

Cortana will be given the ability to do so much more than what may have already been glimpsed at.  Cortana now includes the ability to turn on devices that are ‘asleep’ when greeted by voice cues, and a new feature that enables the use of voice from up to 4 meters’ distance – around 13 feet, or enough to easily span the average room. As a result, Cortana now sees itself as a strong competitor to Amazon’s Alexa voice service, but only time will tell…