France: Microsoft's next big data centre step

Microsoft recently revealed that they had exceeded $3 billion on creating data centres within Europe and after speaking at an event in Dublin earlier this month, the company’s CEO, Satya Nadella announced that a data centre will be opening in France next year.

Microsoft says it now has data centres covering 30 regions across the globe. With locations including Ireland, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and 5 more also announced, it claims more than any of the other top cloud providers. Nadella went on to state how the growing demand within Europe from customers and partners meant that it was the right time to expand its data centres. What makes this announcement so interesting is that a month prior to this, Amazon also said that it would also be building a data centre in France as well.

Microsoft also released a new book at the event in Dublin, entitled “A Cloud for Global Good’ which is said to contain details of 78 public policy recommendations across 15 categories and is designed to help make cloud technologies more trusted, responsible and inclusive for its customers.

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