What to expect from Google's October 4th event


Google recently announced its Google Event on the 4th October, with very high expectations anticipated. Google will be Live streaming the event at 5pm UK time on the 4th October. With many rumours circulating about what could be shown on stage this year, we’ve put together what we expect to see at this year’s event.


Pixel Phones

Probably the biggest release of the event will be the new Pixel Phones. Pixel is said to be the replacement of Nexus for the Google phone range, but are expected to only carry the Google name. It is rumoured that HTC will be the makers of the phones hardware, with the latest technology from Android to run the operating system. The phones are said to be arriving in two different sizes, with a 5-inch and 5.5-inch displays. 


DayDream VR

Googles Daydream VR is said to finally be released with invited guests being able to get hands on with Googles latest VR technology at the event. Googles new ‘Pixel’ phones are said to be DayDream ready, with Google apparently saying they have used some of YouTube’s biggest stars in creating VR videos for DayDream’s release.


Google Home

Google is also expected to announce their rival to Amazon’s Echo with Google Home. The voice based speaker assistant is said to be priced at $129. There aren’t such as strong rumours on its release date, but it’s said to be out before the end of the year.


New Router

Google is said to be adding to their Wi-Fi Hardware range with a new router rumoured to be called ‘Google Wi-Fi’. The new router is said to have similar features to last year’s release of OnHub, but Google seem to have kept their cards close to their chest, but it is rumoured that the new router will also sell for $129.